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Vocalist VALENTINE BIOLLAY is a unique performer whose repertoire includes such varied genres as straight-ahead jazz, French cabaret, klezmer, spirituals and classical music.  Her international career has brought her acclaim in France, Switzerland, Morroco, Canada, and especially in her current city of residence, New York City. Valentine performs with a variety of top-shelf musicians who comprise the French-jazz group, Gavroche Jazz Band.  


GAVROCHE JAZZ BAND brings the streets of Paris of the early 20th century to New York City. Combining Valentine's expressive voice with the band's infectiously rhythmic and melodious playing, Gavroche Jazz Band adds its own twist to the stylings of Edith Piaf, Mistinguette, Damia, Charles Trenet, Yves Montand and many others. Valentine was the resident performer of Fete Paradiso, the Parisian festival of vintage carnival rides and carousels on Governors Island.  She can be heard regularly, performing in restaurants and venues around the New York City area.


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